Chicago Reader: Rob McKay of Connect Gallery

When you walk into Connect Gallery at Harper Court in Hyde Park, it doesn’t have that overly reverent hush you feel in some art galleries. People are laughing and talking – either meeting for the first time, introducing friends, or just catching up. A local artist might be finishing a painting. Kids might be doing homework at a long table. And then there’s the art. Commanding. Unapologetic. Relatable. True. Current...(Read More)

Felix Magazine (Winter Issue): The Neon Art Of Lindsey Liss (1.26.2018)

In the middle of artist Lindsey Liss’ studio sits a piece of her art which she is most proud of.  She has a very intuitive style which often consists of lenticular and neon lights.  She describes this as a “think-piece” which she’s put together with the many faces of those who have lost their lives to violence in Chicago.   She explained that most of her present work is about social justice:

"I feel like when you turn on the news you hear there were two killings and thirteen...(Read More)

WGN Radio: Chicago Neon Artist Lindsey Liss Talks to Dave Hoekstra on Nocturnal Journal (12.19.2017)

Local neon artist Lindsey Liss is emerging as a national artist and her art is on exhibit through the end of the year at Essentia in Lincoln Park.

She chats with Dave Hoekstra about her time at  Aqua Art Miami, one of the largest shows in U.S., as well as how she works with (Read More)


Modern Luxury: Lighting It Up - A Neon Artist Brightens The Scene With Work That's Both Playful And Serious (12.1.2017)

You'll want to look from every angle to fully take in the cunning wordplay and playful politics at work inside the Roscoe Village studio-slash-pop-art fun house of artist Lindsey Liss.  A single visit makes you feel like you have been invited to the most exclusive carnival ever assembled, and you are in for a rich ride. 

Liss has not only established herself as Chicago's noteworthy name in neon and lenticulars (a printing process using 3-D technology), but also as part of... (Read More)

The Chicago Ambassador: Lindsey Liss An Artist On The Cusp (9.14.2017)

For most of her life, Lindsey Liss lived a conventional life while writing and taking photographs as a hobby. It wasn’t until middle age that she discovered her true passion and started doing what makes her happy, and what she’s best at.  Now, at 42, only three years since focusing on her art full-time, Liss is seefmingly on the verge of something most artists strive for but rarely attain — recognition, respect, and clients... (Read More)

SCENE Chicago: SCENE Chicago Featured Artist Lindsey Liss (2.10.2017)

Lindsey Liss, Chicago’s premiere lenticular and neon artist, will host an anniversary event at her space, Double L, located at the Cornelia Arts Building (1800 W Cornelia Avenue). Liss’ artwork shows various reflections on pop culture and ranges from neon signs and lenticular printing to wordplay and incorporating her original poetry into satirical pieces. She has exhibited her work at Heaven Gallery, HAM Gallery, 2112 Incubator, Soho House Chicago, The Paris Club, Macy’s, Double Door, Hyde Park Connect and Zhou B... (Read More)

Culture Collide: Chicago City Guide (7.14.2016)

Lindsey Liss is a poet, designer, pop artist, and owner of the Double L.


Betsey Johnson Adds Lindsey Liss To Her Art Collection (04.2016)