Lindsey Liss

Betsey Johnson Adds Lindsey Liss To Her Art Collection

Hey Betsey you're so fine,  you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Betsey.

You're a badass Alley Cat. You embody woman swagger! You're a true beauty inside and out. You inspire countless women to express themselves freely and boldly. 

I'd do cartwheels and backflips for you, any day of the week. It was a pleasure meeting you. Hope you're enjoying your customized Bitch Please in your new Malibu home.


Peace of Mind Kind, An Ode to David Bowie

I beat myself with books of the sages. I feel their prose shift my gages, write me right, lie and fuck me to sleep at night. I hear and feel them saying, "baby, baby, it's alright."

I see with my tongue. I taste with my mind. I've got more than 5 senses. Livings for those that are unkind. Those with bones, blood, vertebrae, spleens and missing spines. The kind with little heart, missing pieces of mind: the programmed kind.

My kinds dreaming, scheming how to love it forward, backward, left and fighting to write it right. We give all peace of piece of mind.